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The Ultimate Hybrid Mining Service For 2020!

We are a fast growing hybrid mining operation. We set out in 2017 to open two mining facilities and this was achieved by Q3. We are now setting our new roadmap for 2020 to expand into 5 fully operating mining sites in Europe, Asia, America then to Africa. We can sustain enough profits to keep our operation fully running while offering our clients a fairly return based on other industry competitors rates. In Q2 we move to Investment plan 'Alpha 2'.

Our Vision

Safe Investment Backed By Physical Mining

Unlike our competitors we actually hold the mined asset..

Our mission for 2020 is to create a 5 fully independent mining operations backed by partners & clients. We use all investments from our clients on expanding our mining sites from hardware to staff. In this business exponential growth is greatly accelerated when you have more miners working for you. From our BETA we had a successful re-signup by over 85% of our previous clients!

Start Mining

Why Work With Us?

Instant Withdrawals

Our fee-free instant withdrawal interface is accessible 24/7. The minimum withdrawal amount is just 10 USD.

24/7 support

We have full Email support access 24/7 waiting to assist you. support@globalfundsfx.com

Daily Earnings

Once you’ve activated your Mining account, you’ll receive earnings every day at a fixed rate of 25%.

Board Of Directors

Wills Mason

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Global Funds FX.

Jenifer Smith

Expert Trader. Global Funds FX