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Earn with the power of GPU Miners

Starter Plan.
$350 - $500 and you earn a profit upto $3,350

Premium Plan.
$650 - $900 and you earn a profit upto $6,550

Deluxe Plan.
$950 - $1,500 and you earn a profit upto $18,550

Exclusive Plan
$2,000 and above and you earn a profit upto $25,000

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The Future of Investment Here with Smart Mining System


Automatic Earnings Every Day

Additional GPU Mining Operation

Our Smart mining contract allows each user to receive the 25% daily bonus for the following 7 days.

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Check How Works Our Smart Mining Contract

This is how our smart mining structure looks, thanks to our investors we can quickly assemble new mining equipment, and make it work in just 2-3 days.

illustration showing data analysis
Deposit in bitcoins and earn bitcoins

BEST Investment Plan For 2020

You capture profits & we expand our operations!

For Q1 2018 we are offering generous returns for new clients. Our road map (Being published currently) we plan on lowering this to accommodate for recent price changes.

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for 7 days
Start with as little as 100 USD. Instant Withdrawals. 200% total return. Earn each calendar week.

News Update

Global Funds FX Market Capital has risen to $2.8 Billion. Since the release of the new investment version..

Global Funds FX is granting their VIP offers to all new and old investors in the platform with Investment capital ranging from GOLD PLAN - DIAMOND PLAN. You can make a deposit of the available plan and start earning explicitly..

All investors should make sure they have all necessary conditions met before making a withdrawal in order to avoid delay and insecurity of profits...

Invest over $5,500 and get $2,000 instant profit and qualify for the next stage of higher earnings and easy swap of currency. this offer will be closed. 30th August, 2020 10:30pm..


Recent Activities

  • Recent Deposits

    $54,500 Deposited by Lucia 31st July, 2020.

    $8,000 Deposited by Danvers 31st July, 2020..

    $10,000 Deposited by Newman 30th July, 2020.

    $35,000 Deposited by Harriet 30th July, 2020..

    $5,500 Deposited by Jeffery 30th July, 2020..

    $25,500 Deposited by Philip 30th July, 2020..

    $5,500 Deposited by Jane 29th July, 2020.

    $3,000 Deposited by Simon 29th July, 2020..

    $6,000 Deposited by Scoth 29th July, 2020.

    $3,000 Deposited by Henry 29th July, 2020..

    $1,500 Deposited by Dan 28th July, 2020..

    $4,500 Deposited by Philomena 28th July, 2020..

  • Recent Withdraw

    $25800 Withdrawal successful to valintine ..

    $4,900 Withdrawal successful to Jeff Mortez..

    $81,500 Withdrawal successful to Bright Scooter..

    $105,400 withdrawal successful to Cher Hanson..

    $87,200 Withdrawal successful to Patricia Chuk..

    $52,150 Withdrawal successful to Mohzy Alsina..

    $14,300 Withdrawal successful to Mary lyne..

    $90,900 Withdrawal successful to Philip Lawson..

    $3,500 Withdrawal successful to BObby Brown..

    $400 withdrawal successful to Lisa Kyle..

    $8,100 Withdrawal successful to Linda Daniel..

    $9,150 Withdrawal successful to Sanchez Ali..

  • Testimony

    I'm Jessica lives in SouthAfrica. This is my third time trading with Global Funds FX and I don't regret getting involved. I recommend Global Funds FX platform for all investors. Please invest with Global Funds FX Directly and avoid scammers. Thanks to you guys at Blockchain. -David Beam..

    Thanks to Global Funds FX for helping me make profitable investment. I'm very happy now that I can afford to pay my bills and visit any country for this off. -Mary Kyle..

    I just got my fourth pay and it was awesome, $55,500 profit was paid in less than 7 days. thanks to you guys at Global Funds FX. -Lisa Mitchel..

    Looking for a reliable platform and trade experts to trade forex and binary options? Global Funds FX is here for you, They trade with total commitment and transparency with the help of their software machines and profitable signals. -Jamie Rutherford..

    If you are looking for the best place to make a good investment and earn real profit. Invest with Global Funds FX today. I just got $15,800 profit from my investment. I really dont beleive this is happening. Thanks to the Global Funds FX. Sharon Webster.

Maximum deposit $50k (Without Verification) Minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USD.

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Referral system for new clients.

Using your referral link (Found inside your investors area) you can invite freinds & family and earn 10% from their active deposit. If you are a Super Affiliate contact us for better rates or partnership.

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